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Residential & Commercial

 Residential and Commercial electrical design, construction and repair is our primary business. We offer a variety of services from upgrading an old fuse box to advanced home network and automation installations. Customer safety and satisfaction is number one goal. Most people take electricity for granted, we don't. Electrical system design will comply with code requirements and incorporate efficiency, and energy savings.

New Home Technology: Comfort & Security

Connected -  Internet, communication, media, home office, security, lighting controls and automation all interface at the Structured Media Center. From modest to mansion new home technology can enhance your life with comfort, convenience, and security. Many of these new products can be installed in older homes using existing wiring. Learn More

Emergency Power

  • Portable Generators can do a big job in the event of a prolonged power outage. Critical circuits are switched on and off to keep the water pump, heat, and lights operating protecting your family and home.
  • A Transfer Switch allows for a safe connection to a homes electrical system. Improper sizing could damage appliances and  the generator, Starting currents and voltage drops need to be considered Load Calculator
Lightning Surging Electric Circuit Breakers

The National Electric Code is the standard for electrical safety. Since the 1970's many products have been developed and are required in new home construction. New technologies have saved lives. Smoke detectors, Carbon Dioxide alarms, Ground Fault, and Arch Fault protection equipment needs to be tested and maintained for safety.